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Hair oils are a crucial part of any hair regimen. Figuring out what’s best for your hair is a rigorous task especially when it comes to moisturizing your hair. It takes trial and error to fully understand your hair, but we’re going to help you get started with moisturizing and the oil that will best fit your hair texture. With that being said it is vital that the oils being placed on your scalp and throughout your hair needs to be 100%pure. That is the mission of the Keeina brand to give pure 100% organic hair oil with no other add-ins.

When moisturizing your hair the first thing you should know is know the of porosity your hair has. The porosity describes how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture and oil. You can figure out your hair’s porosity by testing it. After your hair has been washed comb or brush your hair and take one of the strands and drop it in clean water. Low porosity will float to the bottom, medium porosity will float in the middle, and high porosity will immediately float to the bottom.

Low Porosity Hair

The structure of the hair doesn’t easily allow moisture to be absorbed into the shaft of your hair. Products tend to sit on low porosity hair, this can make it more challenging to process and style because it repels moistures.
Best oil for low porosity hair:
Argan oil forms a layer around your hair to fully moisturize it. Grapeseed oil is lightweight and can be used as a heat protectant.Click here to shop your 100% pure Organic Argan and Grapeseed oil.


Medium Porosity Hair

The cuticles aren’t too close together, but they aren’t wildly open either. This allows moisture to penetrate easily, and it makes it easier to retain moisture for a longer period of time.
Best oil for medium porosity:
Avocado oil replenishes their hair with water to intensify its shine. Sweet almond oil shields hair from damage, it is known for adding shine to matted hair and brings relief to the irritated scalp.Click here to shop your 100% pure Organic Avocado and Sweet almond oil.

High Porosity Hair

Allows moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft easily, but it isn’t able to retain moisture for long. This is because the cuticles tend to have large spaces between them.
Best hair oil for high porosity:
Jojoba oil helps with dry scalp and replenishes the hair. Avocado oil intensely moisturizes the hair and seals all the natural properties for high porosity hair.Click here to shop your 100% pure Organic Jojoba and Avocado oil.

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